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Taylor performing 'Love Story' throughout the years.

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At the Bleachers show in Williamsburg in March, Dunham watched from the rafters with Taylor Swift, with whom Antonoff wrote the Golden Globes-nominated song “Sweeter Than Fiction.” Antonoff is a hardcore Swiftie, and he talks about her with the protectiveness and pride of an older brother. “We live in a fascinating time where there’s a weird shift in pop, and certain pop stars aren’t really resonating in the way they were,” he says. “The reason why Taylor stands above everyone else is because she’s a songwriter. She sits in rooms and she writes songs. Most importantly, they sound like her. All the other pop stars, to put it in a really simple way, they’re just not as talented.” Swift’s ability to craft her own material is what sets her apart, he believes. “Other pop stars have to go through, like, a goth phase. You can imagine the marketing meetings behind other pop stars. Whereas the meeting behind Taylor is like, ‘Write a great fucking album,’ which she can. —

Jack Antonoff, 

Why Taylor Swift “Stands Above Everyone Else” (x)

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Taylor Swift and her adorable attempt to dance (x)

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The Red Tour: An Infographic

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(2/4) photoshoots

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"You’re hot!"

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Taylor Swift backstage at the ACM Awards

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